Sanford Meisner Technique Summary / Acting Method

Sanford Meisner (1905 –1997), also known as Sandy, was an American actor and acting teacher who developed a form of Method acting that is now known as the Meisner Technique. The goal of the Meisner technique has often been described as getting actors to "live truthfully under imaginary circumstances". The technique emphasizes that in order to carry out an action truthfully on stage, it is necessary to let emotion and subtext build based on the truth of the action and on the other characters around them, rather than simply playing the action or playing the emotion.

The action is the activity, an independent activity or a reaction between you and the fellows on the stage. The action is the movements on the stage. The action is the actions of the actor/actress on the stage. The actor uses his body to indicate his emotions, then the truthful emotion comes without traumatize the actor and without the emotion be pressed and fake and without the actor to overact.

It is important to know-learn enough techniques and decide to practice to some methods (or “non-methods”). The development of each practitioner based on the magnificent and inspiring sense emerging of different cultures sharing mutual interests with an urge to evolve acting practice.

All the “executors” are inspired by each other and they create all together a final balanced rope of an acrobat. There is an interdependent and interrelated relation between the tools of an actor/actress from 1863 to now. There are the benefits and the cautions of each tool, each actor can chose and create his role.

Sanford Meisner was a powerful actor who looked to enjoy his acting. He adored theater.

You can download for free the Sanford Meisner Master Class DVD here :

You can read and use the notes of the ”Sanford Meisner Reading Group 2011 “ written by the actress & poet Sissy Doutsiou, based on the first collective show and talk of the Sanford Meisner Master Class by 
+Institute [for Experimental Arts]:


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